The Story




The history of Portolano as a glove producer began in Naples when, Fortunato Portolano, began manufacturing in the year 1895. The company was a pioneer of the Italian glove exporters and as early as 1911, Portolano was selling leather gloves to the United States and the British colonies.

Thanks to the technology, quality and styling developed by the family, the Portolano brand was established as a leading name in the world of cold weather accessories manufacturing.

Nowadays the 4th  Portolano generation, Vittorio, Francesca, Federica and Fabiana , are proud of running Portolano  Products ,  that offers a multi-product line , distribute  under the Portolano as well as private label .


We are completely vertical and own and manage the entire production process. 

Our in-house technicians control the entire tanning process.  The tannery can work numerous leather types and unlimited colors.  We only deal in the finest Italian Metisse Nappa leather sheepskin.  Leather cutting and sewing (finishing) is factory assigned in accordance with individual style demands and target pricing.

The knitwear and cut and sew operations are based in the Philippines in the country’s leading state of the art facility.  All knitting and finishing is controlled in this facility.


We offer six different product categories of merchandise and enjoy the finest reputation for being a fashion leader and innovator in both the women’s and men’s businesses.

Leather: Gloves

Knitwear: Gloves, Shawls, Scarves, Hats, Ponchos, Sweaters & Dresses

Specializing in cashmere, alpaca, merino wool, lambswool, angora and proprietary novelty yarns.

Cut & Sew: Gloves, Scarves, Hats & Ponchos. Specializing in manmade      materials such as velvet, fleece, satins and cottons.

Footwear: Cashmere and leather slippers, Cashmere socks

Childrenswear: An entire collection of knitwear including: sweaters, scarves,   hats, gloves, baby blankets and booties

 Home Fashion:  Cashmere blankets, throws and pillows, travel sets.



 We have the ability to design and merchandise full collections of exclusive merchandise with complete sensitivity to margin requirements, Country of Origin and the highest quality expectations.